Every year Good Earth celebrates the rich culture and history of India with their design collection that focuses on a special tradition or region. The 2015 -16 range of the brand is titled Eternal Kashi – Colours & Weaves of Banaras. Here we tell you more about it. Kashi is also known as Varanasi & Banaras in ancient India.


The first in the collection is Kashika, the hand-woven Varanasi textiles for home upholstery. It has original patterns with a unique colour palette reflecting the changing colours of the Ganges from dawn to dusk.


The ancient holy city of temples, Varanasi was earlier known as Kashi or Banaras. It is known for its exquisite weaves since the time of the Rig Veda.


The old age tradition of intermingling of coloured silk with gold and silver threads in enchanting patterns has been revisited by Good Earth with five craft clusters from Varanasi. Each meter of this cloth took one day to weave.


In addition, Good Earth also breathes life into the extinct techniques of weaving – Jamdani andKadhua, along with heirloom vintage brocade silk saris.


Next is the range of fashion wear featuring different fabric textures and weaves. It also includes the Rasiya collection crafted in gossamer light silk kota and shimmering silk tissues. The brand ensures the softness and wear ability with the use of lower twist yarns and the age-old denting techniques like Ektara.


Next is the Anjali collection, which comprises hand-block printed bed items. The soft shades and fine print keep the ethnic touch with the contemporary feel.


For an exquisite dinner experience, Good Earth presents Rasa. It is a unique tableware design inspired by temple flowers that line the ghats of Varanasi.


In fact, hand loom weaving was at its peak under the Mughals. This collection aims to revive the classics from that era.


The other additions for the festive season include cushions, candle-stands, diyas and more. It is available at Good Earth stores across cities.