In the world of classic drinks, wine is like a language upon the lips. This is certainly true, as wine is the only drink which is substantial, vigorous and copper-bottomed. Wine is one of the most enrapturing drinks and the glasses in which it is served hold a different mystery altogether. You must have discerned that the host always brings the glasses according to the type of wine being served. By apprehending the rudiments of the wine glassware, you can designate a particular wine glass, to a specific wine. Their solitary design can enhance your wine drinking experience. The enigma of the shapes and poise of wine glasses is much coherent than you think.

Let’s check out some of the common types of wine glasses…

• The one for Cabernet

This wine glass moderates acidity by directing the wine to the center of the tongue. It makes a profound difference of how wine tastes. This proper wine glass with a svelte profile will allow a room for swirling to make your wine taste much superior.

• The one for burgundy

This notable wine glass will escalate the acidity and intensify the full-bodied wine. You will feel a new taste with “Airome” (an integrated aroma wave). This glass is designed to allow more room for the wine to breathe. To upgrade your wine glass collection, you can find the same wine glass at INV home.

• The one for Rose wine

This wine glass directs the wine onto to the tip of the tongue for your taste buds to concentrate on the tart, dry taste of rose wine. The shape of this glass helps in capturing and apportioning the wine’s aroma towards your mouth and nose. The aeration at the bottom and the opening on the top will make your wine more bewitching.

• The one for sparkling wines

This glass will augment the bouquet of sparkling wine and it’s a pleasure to watch the bubbles rise to the top. The fizzy and bubbly texture in the glass adds a hint of ambrosia. These glasses are upright and narrower as compared to other wine glasses in order to retain the carbonation and seize the flavor for long. You can buy one for your collection from INV Home.

• The one for sweet wine

This glass features an opulent shape and taper bowl in order to elevate the sweetness of the dessert wines. This directs the wine to the back of the mouth, so that the sweetness doesn’t overwhelm. The alcohol content in dessert wine is higher, thus dessert wine glasses are just tailor made for smaller servings. Check out some of the finest range of sweet wine glasses at INV Home.

Gone are the days when you had to take a sip from a sturdy, fat-lipped and sensible wine glass, the one that might drop your wine at the tile floor with a bounce. The old joker glasses for wine have been replaced by some contemporary and unaccustomed glasses which will simply inflate the taste of your wine.

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